Career Exploration Tools

Still, feeling like you do not know the direction you are heading? Check out the Career Exploration tools below.



Use this database to find you what jobs are available, how many were posted, and if there is growth in the career area.***Quick tip, leave the “Search by occupation” area blank.


Log into your My Blueprint account! Meyers and Briggs tests, resume generators and organizers are at your fingertips!




Work BC– Find a Careers that’s right for you.

With this site, you can check out employment possibilities and career-building strategies.

  • Career Trek; This site has over 125 short videos giving you a quick snapshot of different careers available in BC.
  • Career Compass with over 500 Career Profiles
  • Career Search Tool lets users search careers of interest using eight filter categories: Region, Education, Occupational interest, Industry, Occupational category, Part-time/Full-time, Salary, and Keyword(s).
  • Career Transition Tool uses information about education, experience, skills and experience to identify occupations that users could move to relatively easily from their existing occupation.
  • An online dashboard application giving access to interactive versions of the charts and tables in the report.
  • High Opportunity Occupations – Find occupations in B.C. that are expected to offer the best opportunities over the next 10 years
  • Good Jobs for Today & Tomorrow (PDF) – Read the guide that shows you how to use the information in the Labour Market Outlook to help make career decisions.
  • Labour Market Information Council – Discover more details on the forecasting methodology.
  • B.C. Data Catalogue – Find the forecast data.
  • Check out the new Career Search tool- see if there is a demand, the average pay, and so much more!

ita-Industry Training Authority BC

Do you like working with your hands, know you do not want to be in the office? Do you have people say to you “Trades is where it’s at!” well, which trade is right for you? Take a look at the ita Youth site and explore 100+ trades and find out what gets your brain fired up, makes your blood pump faster and puts a smile on your face. After your interest has been peaked, take a looks at the Blueprint Builder to bring together career exploration and education.

Junior Achievement British Columbia– Are you thinking of a career in Finance or  Entrepreneurship?

Through these self-directed online JA programs, students in Grades 4-12 can still gain the skills and education to help inspire, prepare and empower them for lifelong success. Take a look at programs like Economics for Success, explore tools like Keep Your Balance Online Budgeting Tool or play JA Titan. As a CEO you will match your wits in the competitive, technologically advanced industry of Hologenrator

Education Planner– Here, you can Plan your Education, Search for Programs and Apply Online to Post-Secondary institutions

Okay, now you have an idea of who you want to be, CONGRATULATIONS! But now what? This Education Planner will help you with questions like how much is this going to cost, which schools offer the programs I am interested in, and how do I apply?


School Finder 

This site is similar to Education Planner above but not just focused on BC.





From the arts to science to religion, introduce students to various careers with KQED, BAVC and Salesforce resources.  Use these videos to inspire young people to discover careers and explore possible career paths.



Once you have found a program, click here to see:

  • What percent of people were male and female
  • how many people are working after the program
  • see student satisfaction rate
  • Skill development
  • Median salary



Industry Focused Exploration



Here are a few more quizzes that will give you an idea of your strengths and preferences regarding career opportunities.

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