Interview Tips

Ok, you have created the resume, handed it out to EVERYONE and now you have an INTERVIEW!  Now what…

Interview etiquette is very important, up until now your resume has done all the talking for you and gotten you in the door but now it is all on the next 15 minutes!

Here are 6 musts for the big event.

  1. Turn off your cell phone, not just on silent, TURN IT OFF. this way you will now even be tempted to look.
  2. Prepare more than you think. Practice out loud to a friend, come into the Career Center, talk to your dog. Just do it out loud. You will get used to hearing yourself say things like, “I am great at … because when I ….” No more Umms and ahhs.
  3. Dress up just a bit more than what you would wear on a typical day of work. No ball gowns and sequins unless… well just no.
  4. BE ON TIME! If you are taking the bus, plan on being there one bus early, things happen that are beyond your control, but you can take back that control by planning ahead.
  5. When you shake someone’s hand, STAND UP and look that person in the eyes. Making eye contact says that the person has all of your attention.
  6. Send a thank-you note. I know that this is odd, but when the person is thinking about who to hire, they now have one more tangible reason to remember you!