Starting Post-Seconday Application Process

Congratulations, you have decided to apply to a post-secondary institution. Now What?

Making the decision to apply to a post-secondary institution can seem overwhelming. This is not going to be a quick process, and because you have likely never done it, it is going to be a learning curve. But do not fret, you have a whole team of people here to help you through this. This timeline will give you a heads-up of what’s coming but if you have not done so yet, MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOUR ACADEMIC COUNCILLOR! I can not stress this point enough! They have the contacts at different institutions to get you the CORRECT information and help you to dot your i’s and cross your t’s.

When do you start?

Create your Student Transcript Service account. (ASAP)-Click here for video and written step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

Each institution has a different date (usually October 1) to start applying.
Anytime between January 1st and June 1st (most often Jan 15 or Feb 28)

First Applied, First Registered Post-secondary Institutions

It is very important to put in an early application, especially to post-secondary institutions that work on a first-applied, first-registered basis, such as Camosun Early applications will give you more choices.

​How do I apply?

In BC:

Go to EducationPlannerBC. Click Here for step-by-step instructions.
This site makes it quick and easy to apply to BC’s public post-secondary institutions.   Students can also go to the institution’s website to apply if they prefer.

Students will need the following:

PEN #– Provincial Education Number (9-digit identity number from the Provincial Ministry of Education)
– your PEN # is also needed to access your provincial exam grades.
-A copy of your Grade 11 final grades.
Credit or debit card to pay application fees.
-Save the application confirmation number and the fee confirmation.

1) Pay the application fee online with a credit/debit card.
2) Your application will not be fully processed until the payment is received.
3) Your application will not be fully processed without a PEN # number.
4) Submit your application and save/print the page with your application ID number.
5) By letter or e-mail, you will receive your permanent university or college ID number that is used to access your status, pay tuition, and choose courses. Don’t lose this number!
6) At UBC (and a few other institutes), you must create this ID number before you can apply to a faculty.

In other Provinces

Click here for other Canadian Province University Portals

​Anywhere else in Canada
information on how to apply will be on the university or college’s website. Always connect with an Admission Specialist at the institution that you are applying to.

You Will Need:
Credit or debit card #



Here are some Education Planner BC resources to help you through the application process.